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Click: Dehydrate your own foods for great taste the way you want it. Click: Imagine diet ice cream that's great tasting and more. Click: Homemade, great smelling bread is wonderful with all my great recipes. Click: Fountains are beautiful and restful. Try adding one to your home or office soon. Click: Hand Painted, Hand Framed Oils for a song. Wait till you see the incredibly beautiful quality. Click: Real or not, jewelry like these rings, bracelets and purses will blow you away.
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For your kitchen, home, garden or ring finger, I find products in the Far East when I'm on buying trips for DAK for $30 that I find selling here for up to $150 when I go into a store. Drew Kaplan Presents (DKP) is my answer to these obscene prices. So, it's DAK for electronics and for everything else! Sign Up And Vote For What You Want!
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It's 5 Minutes To Homemade Bread Again and a lot more.
Remember Peaches and Cream Bread, Banana Fig Bread and of course my signature Onion Dill Bread.
Well wait till you add your own ground wheat and 10 other types of grains. Plus who'd of thought of 'wet grinding' vegetables, fruits and nuts for our breads? It's a whole new revolution.
Now imagine exciting, unique single-pot rice dinners, dehydrated treats and exciting Asian good-for-you dinners that smell and taste great.
I've found some incredible new ways to cook our favorite foods and frankly prepare foods we might not have thought of.
So from the Diet Ice-cream book (yes, we
  created diet recipes) to new juice ideas, it's all part of DKP. So, sign up for my newsletter.

Beautiful Peaceful Sounds For You.

OK so here's an example of what happens to me. I was in Kwai Chan in Hong Kong. I had taken the metro to just about the end of the line.
I had walked for more than 10 blocks and I had taken a freight elevator (you know the kind you see in factories that open at the top and bottom with a hand pull) to the 7th floor to look at an air ionizer.
As I left the factory and walked down the hall, there was a pallet with two beautiful fountains on it in front of another company's office.
So, I went in. The company made indoor and outdoor statues and fountains. And to say I was impressed would be an understatement. So why pay $150 when I can deliver incredible beauty and soothing sound for less than $60.
So for great looking statues and great sounding fountains at blow-away prices, sign-up for my Free newsletter.

Original Hand Painted Hand Framed REAL Oil Paintings.
I met a real gentleman in Hong Kong who employs over 1,000 real artists, each reproducing incredible paintings by hand in China.
Just think, every one is individually hand painted, NOT PRINTED.
And oh wait till you see the frames. Each is hand made. Each is its own work of art. And yet, I can deliver them for the price of molded frames or less! Wow.
I've selected some of my favorite paintings and frames to share with you. From seascapes to forests, from animals to the European Masters, these hand painted, hand framed paintings will dramatically enhance your home or office.
Plus, I'm having some of my scuba pictures turned into original oil painting for less than $200 each for a 24x36 hand painted picture INCLUDING a beautiful frame. To see the PRICES and the great art, sign-up for my Free newsletter.

And, Oh The Jewelry?
Sure you see it on the shopping channels and just about everywhere else.
But, I've been to Israel where they cut diamonds and I've spent a lot of time in Taiwan where they cut Cubic Zirconia.
And, I've got some artist friends in Maui who have some really unique, creative ideas. To say that their designs are very impressive would not begin to do them justice.
So, between their talents and my manufacturing and importing resources, I think you'll love my unique jewelry treasures.
Plus, check out the purses above. I've got an incredibly priced source for these and a few surprises that I'm certain will really impressyou and I hope delight you.
So, here's a quick shot of a ring I made with one of my digital cameras. Is it real? Where was it made? Is there a bracelet too? See close-ups and all the other unique things I've found. But, there's only one way to find out for sure. Just Sign-up for my Drew Kaplan Presents Free Newsletter.
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